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Neher & Associates provides executive search and consulting support in business, high technology, information services, human and social services, engineering, finance, law, education, healthcare, human resources, public safety, not-for-profit, government and the private and public sector. We also provide consulting and training services for labor law, intellectual property protection, contract negotiations and development, limited financial support services, and strategic planning. Our Value – Training Group also provides additional services in executive management coaching, diversity training and education, interview/screening process and testing.

Neher & Associates team of consulting professionals is characterized by high ethics, over 30 years of senior level management and consulting experience, professionalism, flexibility, attention to details, a collegial participative management style, and respect for confidentiality.
Neher and Associates provide Executive Search Services

   Neher & Associates is also proud to announce the launch of a new Strategic Alliance Program with De Novo Corporation to significantly improve Budget Optimization Services associated with City, County and State Government, Healthcare Organizations, Utility and Transportation Agencies, University and Educational Institutions, Quasi Governmental and other public and private institutions impacted by shrinking economic resources. Over our many years of working with Boards and Chief Executive Officers as executive recruiters and consultants, we have found one consistent trend -- the Executives that are being placed to perform valuable functions for the success of their employing organizations have increasingly found it challenging if not impossible to manage the financial and service dilemma caused by increasing service requirements, high community/customer expectations and dwindling resources. Our Strategic Alliance Program is designed to provide an extremely effective methodology leading to Budget Optimization based on innovative approaches to revenue sourcing. Let us help introduce you to new levels of economic success utilizing this innovative new Program approach to finding new revenue. Take the next step and contact us for a preview of this valuable tool for success.


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